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General problems

Visiting time (audience opening time)


October 14-16, 2023


Does Ciamite has concurrent activities?


Asian Materials Conference


How to subscribe Ciamite news ?


Ciamite industry news is published every two weeks, mainly covering market and industry trend, innovation and exhibition news.


Issues related to exhibitors

How to become an exhibitor of Ciamite?


Exhibitors participating in Ciamite should complete and sign the application form. We will confirm whether you are qualified as an exhibitor according to the content you filled in the form. If everything meets the requirements, we will send you suggestions for booth construction.


What is the deadline for application?


The deadline for application is May 31, 2020. Booth allocation starts after receiving the application form.


What services can I get after applying for the exhibition?


In your application, only the space of your booth in ciamite will be explained. If your application is successful, you will automatically obtain the qualification listed in the exhibitor's directory (online directory and conference directory), the basic item qualification in the exhibition manual, and the staff and exhibitor passes. Other expenses will be invoiced separately (e.g. booth construction, technical services, advertising materials, etc.). All invoices should be paid as soon as they are received.


When can we choose a booth?


After you submitting the application form, you will receive the booth proposal within a few days. Please make sure that your application form is complete and contains all required information.


How many exhibitor cards can an exhibitor obtain?


9 to 17 square meters: ≤ 5 exhibition cards
18 to 36 square meters : ≤ 10 exhibition cards
37 to 54 square meters : ≤ 25 exhibition cards
55 to 100 square meters : ≤ 35 exhibition cards
101 to 400 square meters: ≤ 50 exhibition cards
More than 400 square meters: ≤50 exhibition cards (maximum 50 exhibition cards)


When and how will the invoice be issued?


Payment shall be made at the request of the exhibitor, but not later than 30 days after the end of the exhibition.


Can we join other exhibitors? If so, how to register?


Exhibitors can participate in the exhibition for their own booths and associated enterprises. The joint exhibitor application form must be completed and signed by the main exhibitor.

1250 joint exhibition fee shall be paid for each additional joint exhibitor or representative enterprise. The main exhibitor shall pay the fee. Joint exhibitors can be included in the exhibition manual and Internet exhibitors list free of charge, including company name, exhibition hall and booth number.

Other services can be ordered through a separate form in the exhibitor's manual.

The rights and interests of all joint exhibitors are the same as those of the main exhibitors, which are also listed in the exhibition catalogue and online exhibitors.


What other services can exhibitors order?


If you need to improve your corporate image before the exhibition, you can use our online exhibitor center. You can add business introduction, news and product information and subsequent related services.
The equipment and decorations required for the booth and any marketing or other services related to ciamite's participation can be ordered directly online - just visit the exhibitor center.  
In addition, you can also upload or edit all enterprise information here, including your logo, company introduction, product introduction, press release, etc. This tool is also a convenient platform for you to invite customers, submit orders and download important information. After paying the exhibition fee, exhibitors can receive the login information (login name and password). If you forget your password or can't log in, please contact us.
If you need other services, you can contact our official on-site service provider.


If cancelled application, what is the cancellation fee?


Cancelled before 12 weeks before the start of the exhibition, 50% of the exhibition fee will be charged.


Cancelled after 12 weeks before the exhibition, 100% of the exhibition fee will be charged.


What is the maximum height of the booth?


The maximum height of booth and advertising is 6 meters.


Question related to the audience

How much is the entrance fee?


Free admission as long as you registered. Attention: Ciamite only receives industry visitors!


Where to book the ticket?


Ciamite audience online pre registration has opened. You can get your own tickets here easily and quickly.


Are there any special items in the registration process?


Please use your mobile number to open a personal account. Enter your relevant information and answer some simple questions. After successful registration, please print out the confirmation letter and get the "pre registration counter" for your admission badge before admission.

At the same time, one exhibition manual can be exchanged for free in the "Exhibitor's office" by using the confirmation letter. You can also sign up for colleagues or invite friends. Attention: your identity information can only be used once. Registration with duplicate information will be rejected and will not be accepted by the site pre registration system.


When to receive the ticket?


After successful registration, please bring the confirmation letter and go to the "pre registration counter" to exchange your admission badge.


Whether need the visa to vist the exhibition or not?


The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has the information of  your country’s Embassy. You can download and print the relevant visa application or other relevant information.


How to get to Qingdao International Convention & Exhibition Center?


You can get to Qingdao by plane, train, self driving or public relations transportation.


Then transfer to the subway to get to the exhibition hall.


If I have other questions, who should I ask?


The Ciamite exhibition management team is glad to answer any questions about your participation.